Hong Kong’s first CBD cafe, Found, introduces a new conversation around cannabis use

By | 6 November 2023
Hong Kong’s first CBD cafe, Found, introduces a new conversation around cannabis use Hong Kong's first CBD cafe, Found, introduces a new conversation around cannabis use

Step into Found, Hong Kong's first CBD , and discover a world where cannabis is more than just a party staple. This new and vibrant space is breaking away from the traditional stoner culture, offering a range of that cater to both the -conscious and those seeking therapeutic benefits. With its doors now open to the public, Found hopes to create a new conversation around CBD and change the perceptions of cannabis use in this dynamic city. Embraced by both the craft brewery industry and the health-conscious community, the demand for CBD products in Hong Kong has been soaring. Although a stigma still exists surrounding cannabinoids, efforts are being made to educate the public and debunk misconceptions. Enter Found and be a part of this movement – a movement that aims to reach a wider audience, challenge societal norms, and embrace the potential of CBD.

Hong Kongs first CBD cafe, Found, introduces a new conversation around cannabis use


Introduction to Hong Kong’s first CBD cafe, Found

Welcome to Found, Hong Kong's first CBD cafe! Our cafe is dedicated to providing a unique and welcoming space where you can explore the world of CBD (cannabidiol) in a comfortable and friendly environment. Located in the heart of Hong Kong, our cafe aims to change the conversation surrounding CBD and showcase its potential therapeutic benefits.

Range of CBD products offered by Found

At Found, we offer a diverse range of CBD products to cater to our customers' varied needs. Whether you're looking for CBD , powders, or even products for your furry friends, we've got you covered. Our selection is carefully curated to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness. We believe that CBD can be a valuable addition to your wellness routine, and our products are designed to support your overall .

Changing the Conversation

Moving away from stoner culture

One of the primary goals of Found is to move away from the stoner culture often associated with cannabis use. We want to break the stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding CBD by providing a warm and inviting space where people can learn about its . By creating an atmosphere focused on education and well-being, we hope to change the conversation and establish CBD as a legitimate wellness .

Promoting CBD as a therapeutic option

CBD has gained popularity in recent years due to its potential therapeutic benefits. From pain relief to anxiety reduction, CBD has shown promising results in various areas of wellness. At Found, we are passionate about promoting CBD as a viable therapeutic option. We believe in its potential to the quality of life for individuals seeking alternative remedies. Through education and experiences, we strive to highlight the numerous advantages of incorporating CBD into your wellness routine.

Legalization and Regulations

CBD’s legal in Hong Kong

CBD is legal in Hong Kong, making it accessible to individuals who are interested in exploring its potential benefits. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the psychoactive component of cannabis, CBD does not induce a “high” and is therefore not classified as a controlled substance. Hong Kong's progressive stance on CBD creates an opportunity for individuals to experience the therapeutic effects of this compound.

Strict regulations on THC

While CBD is legal in Hong Kong, it is essential to note that there are strict regulations in place regarding THC. In Hong Kong, THC is classified as a dangerous drug and is strictly illegal. This means that CBD products in Hong Kong must have undetectable amounts of THC to comply with the local regulations. At Found, we prioritize the quality and safety of our products, ensuring that they meet all the necessary requirements.

Requirements for CBD products in Hong Kong

To comply with regulatory standards in Hong Kong, CBD products must adhere to specific requirements. These requirements include thorough testing and documentation to ensure that the products contain the specified of CBD and do not exceed the permissible THC limits. At Found, we take pride in our commitment to transparency and quality. All our CBD products undergo rigorous testing to guarantee their safety and efficacy.

Therapeutic Benefits of CBD

Pain relief

One of the most well-known therapeutic benefits of CBD is its potential for pain relief. CBD interacts with the 's endocannabinoid system, which plays a crucial role in regulating pain perception. Research suggests that CBD may help alleviate chronic pain and inflammation, making it an attractive option for individuals seeking a natural alternative to traditional pain management methods.

Anxiety reduction

CBD has also shown promise in reducing anxiety and improving overall mental well-being. Studies have demonstrated that CBD may help alleviate symptoms of anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder. By interacting with in the involved in mood regulation, CBD may help promote a sense of and .

Other therapeutic advantages

In addition to pain relief and anxiety reduction, CBD has been linked to several other therapeutic advantages. Some preliminary research suggests that CBD may have potential anti-seizure properties, making it a possible option for individuals with epilepsy. Other studies have explored its potential role in treating sleep disorders, such as insomnia and sleep apnea. While more research is needed to fully understand the scope of CBD's therapeutic benefits, these initial are promising and highlight its potential in improving overall wellness.

Hong Kongs first CBD cafe, Found, introduces a new conversation around cannabis use

Strong Demand in Hong Kong

Growing popularity of CBD products

In recent years, the demand for CBD products in Hong Kong has witnessed significant growth. More individuals are turning to CBD as a natural alternative to conventional treatments, seeking its potential therapeutic benefits. The increasing awareness and accessibility of CBD have contributed to its popularity among the general public.

Embraced by health-conscious individuals

CBD has found a special place among health-conscious individuals in Hong Kong. With an increasing emphasis on holistic wellness, many people are looking for natural and sustainable solutions to support their well-being. CBD aligns perfectly with this mindset, as it is derived from plants and offers a range of potential therapeutic benefits. The health-conscious community in Hong Kong has embraced CBD as a valuable addition to their wellness routines.

CBD’s appeal in the craft brewery industry

Interestingly, CBD has also made its way into the craft brewery industry in Hong Kong. Craft breweries are incorporating CBD into their beer , creating unique and innovative brews that appeal to a growing segment of beer enthusiasts. CBD-infused beers are gaining popularity for their potential relaxation properties, providing a distinct and enjoyable drinking experience for consumers.

Addressing Stigma

Existing stigma against cannabinoids in Hong Kong

Despite the growing acceptance and popularity of CBD, there is still a lingering stigma surrounding cannabinoids in Hong Kong. This stigma stems from the association of cannabis with recreational drug use and the misconceptions surrounding its effects. However, it is important to differentiate between CBD and THC, as CBD does not produce the psychoactive effects commonly associated with cannabis use.

Efforts to educate the public

To address the stigma surrounding cannabinoids, efforts are being made to educate the public about CBD and its potential benefits. Found actively participates in educational initiatives, hosting workshops and seminars to provide accurate information about CBD and its therapeutic properties. By dispelling and providing -based , we aim to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their wellness and embrace CBD as a valuable option.

's Vision

Reaching a wider audience

The owner of Found envisions reaching a wider audience, educating individuals about CBD and its potential benefits. By creating a welcoming space that caters to different preferences and needs, we hope to facilitate open conversations and contribute to the growing acceptance of CBD in Hong Kong. Our goal is to reach individuals who may be curious about CBD but are hesitant due to misconceptions or lack of information.

Changing perceptions of cannabis use

Beyond reaching a wider audience, the owner of Found is determined to change perceptions of cannabis use in Hong Kong. By promoting CBD as a therapeutic option and highlighting its potential benefits, we strive to challenge the negative stereotypes associated with cannabis and stoner culture. Through education and personal experiences, we hope to shift the narrative and create an environment of acceptance and understanding.

In conclusion, Found, Hong Kong's first CBD cafe, is at the forefront of changing the conversation around CBD. We aim to promote CBD as a viable therapeutic option and provide a and welcoming space where individuals can explore its potential benefits. With its legal status in Hong Kong, growing demand, and a commitment to education, Found is dedicated to shifting perceptions and empowering a wider audience to embrace the wellness potential of CBD. So come on in, grab a cup of CBD-infused coffee, and embark on a journey of wellness at Found.