New study reveals potential dangers of CBD on male fertility

By | 12 June 2023
New study reveals potential dangers of CBD on male fertility New study reveals potential dangers of CBD on male fertility


The of CBD on Male Fertility: What You Need to

If you're an avid CBD user and have been considering conceiving, you may want to hold off. A new has recently revealed that there may be potential dangers associated with CBD use on male fertility.

While CBD has become increasingly popular in recent years, both for its numerous potential and its general lack of side compared to other , it's important to remember that it is still a substance that can impact the body in various ways.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the of the study and what it may mean for male fertility.

The Study

In a study conducted by researchers at Duke University, it was found that CBD may negatively impact male fertility. The study was performed on a group of rats, who were given varying doses of CBD over a 34-day period.

At the end of the study, it was discovered that the rats who had received CBD had experienced a significant decrease in testicular function and had less sperm count and quality than those who had not.

While on rats don't always translate perfectly to humans, the of this study are still significant and should not be taken lightly. It's that men who regularly could experience similar effects on their fertility.

The Potential Dangers

If you're to conceive, or even just considering it, you'll want to be aware of the potential dangers that CBD could pose to your fertility. There are several ways in which CBD could negatively impact male fertility, including:

– Decreased sperm count: As mentioned in the study, CBD could potentially cause a decrease in the of sperm produced by the testicles.
– Poor sperm quality: Even if sperm count is not affected, CBD could still cause a decrease in the quality of the sperm, it less likely to successfully fertilize an egg.
– Hormonal : CBD has been shown to impact the body's , which could potentially lead to hormonal changes that negatively impact fertility.

What You Can Do

If you're trying to conceive, or even just want to ensure that your fertility isn't impacted by CBD use, there are several steps you can take:

– Talk to your doctor: Your doctor can help you whether CBD use is safe for you, and whether there are any to your fertility.
– Limit your use: If you do choose to continue using CBD, it's important to limit your use and avoid it in high doses.
– Take breaks: Consider taking regular breaks from CBD use in order to give your body a chance to recover and to ensure that your fertility is not impacted.


Q: Is CBD safe to use?

A: While CBD is generally considered safe, there are potential risks associated with its use, including on fertility.

Q: cause infertility?

A: The recent Duke University study found that CBD could potentially negatively impact male fertility by decreasing sperm count and quality.

Q: Should I stop using CBD if I’m trying to conceive?

A: It's important to talk to your doctor about whether CBD use is safe for you. If you're trying to conceive, it may be advisable to limit your use of CBD, or take regular breaks.

Q: Are there any alternatives to CBD for pain relief?

A: Yes, there are numerous remedies that can be used for pain relief, including herbal , , acupuncture, and meditation. Be sure to talk to your doctor before trying any new remedies.